Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Maxamoo’s recommendations are selected by our editorial staff and trusted advisors. Our recommendations take into account staff and advisors’ personal experience and opinions, third party professional reviews and blogger opinions, and feedback from the general public.

We tend to enjoy independent and innovative productions. We like shows that have something original to say or an original way of presenting an old idea. You won’t find recommendations for The Phantom of the Opera, The Book of Mormon, The Lion King, Jersey Boys, or Wicked here.

Why? The reason varies show to show but generally:

  • If a production has been playing for longer than one year we do not recommend it; and
  • We take cost into account so commercial Broadway productions with high minimum ticket prices (often over $100) have to be super, extra, special good for us to recommend them.

Our recommendations cannot be bought. We do not accept compensation or gifts in exchange for favorable coverage. We do accept complimentary tickets to attend arts and culture events and theater performances in order to make informed recommendations.

Advertising and sponsored content on our website and in our emails is identified as such by a prominent label or specific design. These messages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our editorial staff.

Our links to ticket sellers are, to the best of our knowledge, links to the official online ticket sellers for each event, not secondary sellers, scalpers, brokers, or other third party ticket sellers.

Directing you to the authorized ticket seller is important to us because secondary sellers sometimes engage in nefarious marketing and selling tactics and often charge exorbitant fees in excess of a ticket’s face value. In addition, the proceeds from secondary ticket sales typically are not returned to the artist or production company. Daniel Kitson expressed this sentiment best when he said: “Please dont buy tickets off ebay for shitting fuck tonnes of money. Its utterly heartbreaking, having argued with venues to keep ticket prices down, to have things being touted and so on. If you buy those tickets not only are you being swizzled but you are giving money to criminals in all but law. None of the money goes to the venue or to me (your hero king) it all goes to some avaricious fuckmonkey who has signed up to the mailing list of a performer they have no interest in seeing for the sole purpose of stealing tickets from people who would love to see the show and then profiting from my work and your adorable eagerness.” We concur.