Sasquatched! The Musical

Sasquatched The Musical

Sasquatched! The Musical

Sasquatched! The Musical is the tale of a kindly Sasquatch just trying to be himself in the Pacific Northwest.

The lovable Bigfoot (who prefers the term Sasquatch-American) has a surprisingly gentle nature and intelligent mind. His appearance to a local resident stirs up the community, attracting fad media and unwanted attention. As you can imagine, there are a variety of responses from the locals: to fear, to exploit, or to help? Meanwhile, a young boy escaping his helicopter parents (also the name of arguably the best song in the show) gets lost in the woods.

Sasquatched! breaks the fourth wall multiple times with nods to showbiz and the fact that it’s a silly musical. Whimsical, yet minimal, Sasquatched! is a heartfelt comedy about what it means to be human.


PTC Performance Space
555 West 42nd Street

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100 minutes with a brief intermission


$25 (click for tickets)


July 13th and 14th



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CAST & CREW (partial list)

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Phil Darg

Directed and Choreographed by Donald Brenner

Featuring Leasen Beth Almquist, Cole Canzano, Laura Daniel, Ryan Dietz, Chris Gleim, Leslie Hemstock, T. J. Mannix, Don Meehan, Patrick John Moran, Laura Oldham, Jonathan Randell Silver, Billy Clark Taylor


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