Oct 11 pic

Form and Context: Fulfillment, Match-Play, Hamlet in Bed, Barbecue and More

This week we saw theater in a dance space, performance art in a comedy club, Hamlet in bed with his mother, and Macbeth in a shipping container.  A variety of artists and companies are exploring form and playing with context in the work they are doing.  It’s always a good reminder that sometimes where we see work can change the way we feel about work.

Fulfillment (1:46)

Hamlet in Bed (10:06)

Match-Play (17:00)

Rule of 7 (27:56)

Shotz at Celebration of Whimsy (COW) (33:05)

Makbet (33:55)

Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else (38:30)

Barbecue (45:08)(spoilers)

Nicole will be participating in this experimental criticism project through Australia’s PADA (Performance and Art Development Agency). Sign up for emails that will include critical discussions from critics in 4 cities, in 3 countries.

This is the gendered-critical response discussion that sprung up in Australia over an adaptation of Antigone.

What great work have you seen Off-Broadway or Off-Off Broadway where the context changed the show for you.  Let us know on Twitter: MaxamooDavidLiz, and Nicole.

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