January NYC Theater Festivals 2017 PREVIEW

It’s our fourth year covering the January NYC theater festivals, the most wonderful time of year! Jack, Lydia, Jose and Lindsay tell us what they’re most excited to see this month.


Breaking the Waves by composer Missy Mazzoli and librettist Royce Vavrekat at PROTOTYPE

Clap Hands by Jen Rosenblit at American Realness

Blueprint Specials from Waterwell at Under The Radar

Worktable by Kate McIntosh at Coil Festival

Hi, Are You Single? by Ryan J. Haddad at INCOMING! at Under The Radar

Mercurial George by Dana Michel at American Realness

anatomy theater by composer David Lang and librettists Mark Dion and David Lang at PROTOTYPE

CVRTAIN by Yehuda Duenyas at Coil Festival (Link to theVillage Voice article discussed “Must-See Performance Festivals Kick Off 2017“) 

Time of Women from Belarus Free Theatre at Under The Radar

Basketball by Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith at Coil Festival

This is a musical by Karol Tyminski at American Realness

Workshops, Panels and Other Opportunities for Engagement

I Hate Your Work at The Fire This Time Festival

I Hate Your Work Part II at The First This Time Festival

Umyuangvigkaq: PS122 Long Table and Durational Sewing Bee at Coil Festival

Aesthetics live within the structure of whiteness just like we do at American Realness

shift/shape at American Realness

The Incomprehensible Negro at American Realness

Illumination or Exploitation: Depicting Violence Against Women in Art at PROTOTYPE

Links to all festivals discussed on today’s episode

American Realness


The Exponential Festival

The Fire This Time Festival

Fresh Grind Festival

Live Artery

New Ear Festival


Special Effects



Under the Radar

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