Final Festival Report

January Performance Festivals Finale: The Hyperbole Episode

Once in a while, very very rarely, we see a performance that universally delights and amazes the contributors to the Maxamoo podcast. That happened this week with YOUARENOWHERE by Andrew Schneider at COIL 2015 from Performance Space 122. We loved it, we couldn’t stop talking about it and that resulted in a lot of giggling. But it is not the only show we discuss, we also saw Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade of Popular Music: 1900-1920; Reggie Watt’s Audio Abromovic; Timur and the Dime Museum, Neal Medlyn’s Pop Star Series: . . . Her’s a Queen; Mike Iveson’s Sorry Robot; Stan’s Cafe’s The Commentators, and more.

Also, the picture we discuss from the New York Times of Jack at Taylor Mac’s show can be found here.

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