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Mavericks in May: Trash Cuisine, The Qualms, The Flick, Gloria, Permission and More

Something was in the air this week because David and Jack serenade us A LOT on this episode.  And yet we were previewing mostly plays and not musicals in May.   Some of our favorite artists have work opening soon including Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Annie Baker, Robert Askins, Bruce Norris, Simon Stephens, and the Belarus Free Theatre.  We anticipate this work to be challenging, exciting, and smart.  These are artists who are often pushing theater in new directions and we can’t wait to see what they do next.  Buy your tickets now!

Trash Cuisine (2:04)

Kapow-i GoGo (8:45)

Gloria (14:46)

The Flick (19:08)

Permission (21:57)

The Qualms (27:27)

Heisenberg (32:06)

Zorba (36:18)

Significant Other (39:38)

Hamlet in Bed (44:52)

The Claque (47:00)

We recommend supporting Peter Michael Marino who is working to bring  Late with Lance and Gary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet to the Edinburgh Fringe.  Lindsay interviewed Peter last spring for Maxamoo.

What are you looking forward to in May? Let us know  on Twitter: MaxamooDavid,  Jack, and Nicole.

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