June 14 pic

Singles, Cuddles, Qualms, and Gloria

Liz and Nicole both saw a ton of Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway work this week.  With a vampire girl, a lady cross-dresser, a play within a play being tech’d, polyamorous entanglements, and a work-place comedy that is anything but feel-good, there’s a lot of excellent work happening beyond Broadway. In all the plays we saw there were a lot of fascinating female characters who raise questions of sex, power, and gender in the modern world.  Many of these shows required us to talk about certain plot twists so be aware of the spoilers below.

10 Out of 12 (1:15)

Gloria (Spoilers) (9:37)

The Roaring Girl (17:51)

Cuddles (Spoilers) (25:36)

The Qualms (Spoilers) (35:07)

Singles in Agriculture (42:54)

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