Best & Worst at the theater in of 2017

The Best & Worst of 2017, Part 1

It’s our annual tradition of gathering together our most frequent contributors to discuss the best and worst of the year in theater. Lindsay hosts and Patty, Aurin, Jose, Jack, Ben, Liz, and PennyMaria discuss the highs and lows in performance in New York City and beyond.

This is the first half of the discussion. We will post the second half next week.

On this episode:

If you had relatives (smart ones who enjoy good theater) coming to town for the holidays, what show currently playing in New York City would you recommend? (3:00)

What was your favorite moment at the theater this year? (7:10)

What was your worst moment at the theater this year? (17:28)

What was your favorite non-traditional piece of theater you saw this year? e.g. immersive, experimental, outdoors, etc. (30:50)

What was your favorite non-theater performance? e.g. cabaret, comedy, music, etc. (45:20)

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