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See This Not That 5-9-14

See This, Not That

It’s easy to get distracted by the plot summary of Your Mother’s Copy of the Kama Sutra and miss the brilliance of its commentary on relationships, questions that linger long after the performance: Can you ever truly know another person and what responsibility comes with knowing another’s secrets?  The plot: a couple[…]

New York Theater Awards

Guide to NYC Theater Awards

It’s theater awards season! Here’s our guide to distinguishing the major* awards. *Are there other awards? Yes. Have a different opinion about which awards are the major theater awards? Let us know. We’re at @maxamoo. Who awards the award? The Tony Awards are jointly administered by The American Theatre Wing and The Broadway[…]

See This, Not That 4-10

See This, Not That

If you failed to follow our advice back in November and have not purchased tickets to A Raisin in the Sun, you are out of luck. Tickets to this production starring Denzel Washington are in short supply. Instead of or in addition to A Raisin in the Sun, we recommend the beautiful production of Red[…]

NYC Theater Podcasts

NYC Theater Podcasts

In January we started the Maxamoo New York City Theater Podcast, a weekly discussion with super smart theater people about the shows we are seeing and what we’re looking forward to seeing. We also touch on the latest news in theater, comedy, cabaret, and other performing arts. In the process[…]

Movie to Theater

Like That? Try This!

 If you know the movies you like, but can’t find your way in the vast world of New York theater, may we suggest: If you like the imaginative and surreal world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland in any of its film adaptations, Then She Fell by Third Rail Projects is the next step[…]

See This Not That-3-21

See This, Not That – 3/21-3/23

The politics of America’s past are litigated in two separate and very different plays running in New York City right now.  Branden Jenkins-Jacobs’ Appropriate at the Signature Theatre is a raucous, bold drama in which family secrets, entangled with historical tragedies, slowly ooze from the crumbling walls of the family’s estate on a[…]

See This Not That, 3/14/14

See This, Not That – 3/14-3/16

Get beyond Broadway this weekend with these three recommendations. Move over Avenue Q, there’s a new puppet star in town and his name is Tyrone. In the hilarious Hand to God by Robert Askins, now showing at the Lucille Lortel Theater, the phenomenal Steven Boyer plays Jason, a timid Christian teen, and his out-of-control[…]

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