Prototype COIL American Realness Exponential Festival

January Theater Festivals 2017 FINAL Report

We spent two weeks seeing a ton of theater. This is our final report from the 2017 January NYC theater festivals. Jack, Liz, Diep and Lindsay discuss:

Blind Cinema, Britt Hatzius at COIL (2:00)

Black Light, Daniel Alexander Jones at Under The Radar (9:55)

[PORTO], Kate Benson at Exponential Festival (13:45)

anatomy theater, Composer David Lang and Librettists: Mark Dion & David Lang at PROTOTYPE (19:45)

Worktable, Kate McIntosh at COIL (26:30)

Ghost Rings, Tina Satter/Half Straddle at American Realness (36:22)

Gardens Speak, Tania El Khoury at Under The Radar (40:46)

Gemini Stars, Pioneers Go East Collective at Exponential Festival (46:46)

Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster, Nicola Gunn at COIL (51:19)

Real Magic, Forced Entertainment at COIL (57:20)

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