Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company

vampire cowboys theatre company

Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company

Conceived in 2000 by Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker, then grad students at Ohio University, Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company is now a full-fledged, New York based, artistic theater company widely-recognized for its original aesthetic that combines anime, graphic novels, sci-fi, and Hollywood action thrillers.

Praised by The Village Voice as an “Army of Geeks,” the company takes pride in their consistent commitment to genres and styles deeply rooted in today’s geek, nerd, and popular culture. Their productions are consistently entertaining, critically well-received, and in high demand. Tickets for the most recent production of their original show Alice In Slasherland sold-out quickly.

In 2010 Vampire Cowboys received an Obie Grant to further develop their work. They provide stage combat classes through their affiliated program The Rabid Vamps Fight Studio. Scripts for Vampire Cowboys plays are available on their website.


Alice In Slasherland


Website: Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company
Facebook: Vampire-Cowboys
Telephone: 718-907-3469

(partial list)


The Inexplicable Redemption Of Agent G

Soul Samurai

Fight Girl Battle World

Men Of Steel

Living Dead In Denmark

A Beginner’s Guide To Deicide

Vampire Cowboy Trilogy

Stained Glass Ugly

A Beginner’s Guide To Deicide